Work Orders


Work Order Requests


The POA is responsible for the irrigation on your lot.  Marty and Cathy check for possible problems on their morning "Ciera" walks.  If you see a problem on your lot or your neighbors, please email the report into the office.

The POA is not responsible for repairs to your pedestal.   You will be responsible financially to have anything about your pedestal repaired.  You may still call me or email my office a work order, but you will be charged by the electrician for his service.  If you require a new breaker or pedestal you will be charged.  If you have a power outage, check with your local neighbors to see if they have the same problem.  Owners should keep their Duke Energy account number handy in case of a power outage that needs to be reported.  Duke Engery's outage reporting number is 800-228-8485.